CCTV Security Systems
Record footage, and transmit to display monitor(s) for real-time viewing, as well as playback.
Fiber Optics
Fiber Optic Networks
Operate from local-area network (LAN), or over a wide-area network (WAN).
Structured Cabling Systems
Integrate your voice, data, video and various management systems.
Server Patch Panels
Server Patch Panels
Server racks don't have to be a cluttered mess!
Network Rack
Server Racks
Network racks increase your business's efficiency!
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Telecommunications · Home & Business Security · Cabling · Networks · Protection Services

With over 35 years of combined experience in Information Technology – Data Cabling – CCTV Security Cameras. 300+ projects completed and thousands of miles of cable run throughout Kentucky, we know what we are doing and we stick to what we do best!

Bluegrass Cabling is best known for CCTV and surveillance system installations for commercial and residential applications. There is so much more we do!

Bluegrass Cabling strives to offer our clients with top of the line service and support. Let BG Cabling connect your next project. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


Surveillance Systems

Protect your investments with the latest in home security and surveillance camera systems. Whether it be your business or home, you should be protected!

Data Cabling

Our experienced team at Bluegrass Cabling and Security is ready to handle all of your structured cabling needs. We will work with you to provide the best solutions!

Server Patch Panels

Tired of your server patch panels being cluttered? We take pride in creating patch panels that not only look professional and organized, but are also easy to access!

Network Server Racks

Organized, efficient, and integrated network server racks are worth the investment from the ROI you receive in increased productivity and functionality. Wires done right!

Business Phone Systems

Designed for every business size, elevate the quality and reliability of your business phone system. Cloud-based systems can be fully integrated with other assets.


The sooner we are able to provide you with a quote, the sooner we can get your job scheduled and completed to your satisfaction! We are Bluegrass Cabling and we do it right the first time!


It costs you ZERO to contact us and receive a fair quote. We're here to earn your business!

WHY SHOULD I HAVE A Surveillance System?

Surveillance systems give accurate details! We think these two videos, found on YouTube, provide great input.

Play Video

For Home

Play Video

For Business



You've reached the point where you realize the importance of surveillance protection.


Email or call us as soon as you are ready for your free quote. We're out in the field by day and will reply asap.


We will schedule a date and time to visit your location and, after reviewing & estimating, will submit quote to you.


Know we will get it done right. Once completed, you have 24/7 security without any annual or monthly fees.


Knowing the importance of cabling work, Bluegrass Cabling was born. With our years of experience we have seen both the failures and successes that can come out of cabling work. We want to make sure that no one has to relive any horror stories of their network going down because their cabling contractor didn’t test anything.

We understand the importance of making sure all of your assets are properly protected! Whether you need a state of the art camera system, or a new alarm system, we make it happen. Take comfort in knowing that your system has been installed by trained professionals who know the ins and outs of the home security business.